Solar Chamber for Photovoltaic Module Testing - meets IEC61215/61646 , IEC62108, IEC61730-2, UL1703, JIS C-8917, JIS C-8938, JIS C-8990 & JIS C-8991 standards.

Welltech’s solar panel testing chamber is designed for various size of photovoltaic modules and solar panels.  With different combination of temperature and humidity condition, temperature cycling, damp heat and humidity freeze test can be achieved.

  • Temperature range: -70 to 150C (180C as option)

  • Humidity range: 10-99%RH

  • Radiation: 400 to 1200W/m2

With user friendly LCD touch screen controller, you can set the program easily.  Data can be download to PC through RS232 interface or directly store in USB flash card.

 Importance of testing PV modules

All PV panel manufacturer need to guarantee their panel is working fine for long time.  With 80% efficiency after 20 years.  So, different extreme environmental testing is designed for PV panel testing like

  • extreme ambient temperature conditions

  • extreme humidity conditions

  • high UV radiation conditions







Optional with solar lamps inside the chamber

  • Metal halida lamp with radiation from 800 to 1200W/m2

  • Solar sensor





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